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My name is Lauren and I am the creative engine behind Salt Water Color. Thank you for taking an interest in my products and services and supporting small businesses like my own! I am a one-woman show save for the dog, this man who lives in the house and keeps demanding attention, the nerve, and so many houseplants my friends might be staging an intervention.


I put my heart and soul into my watercolor work to create content that resonates deeply with my clients. Fun fact, I have been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush (my grandmother is also an artist). My other loves in life, in addition to the aforementioned man and doggo, are horses, the coastal lifestyle, and fitness.


You can almost always find me in the studio with a brush in hand. I frequent local San Diego farmers markets with my traveling art show, and I am happy to chat and answer questions you may have regarding the work or process.

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